Darkness can be befriended, light could be hated! When you are alone and desperate, you may find yourself cornered to your sorrows, wanting no more to thrive upon anything. Life becomes a boring schedule and happy moments bygone. Lethargy consumes your veins and there is nothing your heart beats for; tough it is to be sad with or without reason.

These moments might have been passed by many of you in life. Some of you might be in this state now, others still trying to evade this loathsome period.

Are we so vulnerable? The most dominant species of this earth easily succumbs to grief and loneliness… Bright men and beautiful damsels have turned crazy in their solitude. Many souls have taken their precious lives just to be on the other side. Is sadness and loneliness so destructive? Or is it that we become almost comfortable being in that state? We could ask ourselves – do I really want to get out of it? Is to face the world a desirable outcome? Disclaim the luxury of being lone and lost, hence to cross another line of defence? Overcome blockades, can I?

Of course, the question is why should I do that, for what? Meaning to live – long forgotten; and what do I think about tomorrow? Sure, it will pass slowly and painfully… There is no hope left in me!

Debilitating be those times, power is there within you to break free. Think about this:

“A lion could not get out of his den one day. A big rock had fallen and blocked the cave entrance. Trapped inside, he was very angry, frustrated and miserable. As time passed, his roars became pathetic growls. He moved around restlessly and sneered at the rock like a vengeful kitten. Soon enough, the king of jungle frowned and sat down gazing at the rock. In the darkness the rock seemed huge and blunter than a mortal enemy. He shivered in the nights and got frightened by the thunder. Life outside was scary, perturbed and in turmoil. He was lone but safe inside the den. The thunderstorm passed, but by then he was tired and the mane showed grey hairs. Movement, slight though it was, suddenly caught his eye – a little mouse was dashing towards the entrance. Desperate and hungry, he pounced after it. The tiny gap beneath the rock saved the little one’s life, and the lion crashed onto the rock. Unpleasant and painful it was, he started striking the rock with his once mighty paws. Seeing blood trickling down, frustrated and tired, the lion amassed himself onto the rock. He was hurt, starved and weak, and the rock bore his entire weight. The abrupt cracking sound was accompanied by a beam of light falling in, the rock had moved slightly. What he never realized was that the rock was almost round and moved at a strong enough push. After the clash and the heap, a push was it all needed, he was free. A week in dark solitude, he had become lean, sharp and swift. Weaker though he was, his hunger guided him and he ran faster. Thus, a prey to fate was turned into a dangerous predator again…”

You may find yourself left alone in a cave of darkness one day; no one to care about you, no news reaching you, only to fall prey to fate. What do you do then, think about the days of your glory and sit idle in a corner awaiting someone to come around? Mop the floor with your tears and build a fantasy world of misery? Blame all others for leaving you alone and forgetting about you? Etch your life story on the wall and stand guard for it, so that some explorer will discover your skeleton in future, nearby the beautiful engravings with which your life so sensitively depicted (could be an attractive spectacle in a museum, you know!)?

No one has to stay in a cave forever, just as every cocoon would see light one day. Be it sadness or loneliness you are succumbed to, the power is there in you, to push the rock off and breath in some fresh air. Think, once you are out, about those light rays kissing the greenery around, just to show you how beautiful the world can be! Imagine, and feel the dew drops slipping down your eyelashes, fallen just to evoke you from a long lazy slumber!

The world outside may not be that beautiful and comforting as I just portrayed. It is for you to see and feel what you choose to. How you take in what you see and how you are to look, is for you to decide. Shake yourself, be awakened, find yourself to face and brace life; the little mouse may not always be around to get you started!

Remember, even if whatever stopping you looks immovable or impassable, it may just need one mighty push; who knows it could be a round rock! Once you are out, you will realize – what you had gone through has toned you for a better hunt…

Force be with you for that one push!