Looking at the silvery white hair stirred mixed emotions in me. It fuelled all the conflicts I am going through as a growing adult and the answers seem yet so far away.

The meaning of life is not a random rain drop that gets us excited, neither it is a beautiful glance you receive in a crowd; to find the meaning of your entire life, you don’t have its whole length straightened out in front of you. The curves of the paths you take in life, the shadows of your past and the lingering optimism you hold onto, none of them make it easier for you to find the happiness or satisfaction that you have been searching for.

When I started writing this article I was not sure I was writing this for myself or my companion who always tries to remind me of all the great things I can do. Yet the silvery hair prodded me and I thought it was time I did what I still can do.

The paradox of life is that while a moment’s inspiration can take you a mile forward, it may last only a moment. One may not have the favourite brush to start on his masterpiece at the very moment; the bike could be at the mechanic’s when he wants to rush to buy the book of magic that could change his whole life; or it just can be a single fall that can void him off the motivation.

Happiness, searched by you and me, is a dwindling sensation that is unknown to many. Few are sure of what it means to them, many are too sure of what it would mean for them. Images of cars, currency, girls, and pearls; so many more shift through the canvas of a painter who wants to portray how happiness is interpreted by human beings.

Have you wondered what happiness could mean for animals for birds, or the plants in your garden? Or were you too busy to think and feel? How would you know whether you are happy unless you think and feel more often, but then are you aware of your ear that can’t hear, and the touch that you can’t feel?

Sensations of your body and the experiences your mind, gather are the raw materials to build your fantasy hut of happiness. If happiness is truly an illusion or a mirage that we encounter when we feel sad or frustrated, then what conclusion do you make out of your emotional life? That happiness is lack of sadness or that it is a state of feeling good about everything in life?

Are these questions making you think or making you distanced? There are times I prefer playing a virtual computer/mobile game instead of a real field game that I used to love. Does that mean, interpretation of this concept – happiness, changes as you age? If you know you are ageing and the present is moving quicker and faster towards an unknown unavoidable destiny, what are you living for today?

When the bells of your past memories ring you up, do you get startled by your present idleness such that you start doing something like I did after seeing the white hair, reawakened to hopefully build the future that you yearn for? There are some of us who still wait for a catastrophe to push us to do something to move forward…

If you want to know whether you are happy in your life or not, all you have to do is enter a room with minimal light and distractions, and close your eyes. If you are relaxed and calm while the legions of thoughts, feelings are experiences rush through you, you know where you are, what you want and what you have. I guess you will know what happiness means to you, and how meaningful your life is to you, i.e., if you understand what it truly means to be mindful.

There was pain when my white hair was pulled out, and I knew that I can still sense. There were thoughts that warmed me up, yes I am thinking. I felt concerned about my life and that consoled me; knowledge that I was synced to my present. Being mindful can help you gather more sensations, process more thoughts and clarify your experiences. Overcome the petty ramifications of your laziness and plunge into the presence of being you!

A poor man who earns for his livelihood could easily be as happy as the rich man who swifts through power and wealth or the famous fellow that milks admiration from his earnest followers; as long as his expectations for the same are met. Are you the person who expects the best, the least or the optimum out of yourself? Could your performance so far be interpreted as satisfactory or above your own expectations, or is that a question that makes you feel lesser about yourself?

My moment of inspiration has run out, the pain from a hair being pulled out has receded, the thoughts that were ignited earlier are now fading away. Yet I continue writing towards my better tomorrow, and it makes me happy, content and meaningful, at least for the present. I know there will be another sudden moment that inspires me, not knowing when it will be, all I have to do is stay tuned.

Happiness is a concept first, till it becomes an experience, it is an interpretation then and finally an insight. Are you insightful of your days? Know that they are counted, be reminded of their limitedness, so that you can choose to live forever through the now. If you cannot be happy today, how surely does tomorrow seem jubilant, since the days that are gone are not really so? If you are waiting for things to be done, joyfulness to be bought tomorrow, the latest edition of ‘tomorrow’ may not be in stock by the time you wake up!

It is comforting to choose a path that is always safe, thus growing accustomed to no change, eventually ending up retreating to a pit of remorse, regret and stagnancy. If you differ and attempt a path of chance while accepting whatever failures and successes come along the way, continuing to be committed to yourself, you would find arising moments that can potentially change your life for the better!


I deposited the silvery white hair in my pocket slowly. I knew it was valuable to me only for that moment, and hoarding it as a memento would really only limit my space for valuables that are yet to be collected.

Next week the white hair may not be there in my pocket, but this note that I wrote will still live on and through that, my moment of inspiration also! I am happy, right now and more when I read this again! I wish, you too act upon your moments of inspiration. As you thrive through them, many more will do the same… Good luck with your next choice!