The scent of her hair fills your breath and your heart yearns to have it for the rest of life. Yet, there are times when you wonder how it would be, life after few years? Will it be the same, the love you share, the affection shown to each other? Pondering over various things, you move to a cluster of thoughts which turns out to be really annoying. You muse upon the life ahead, become unsure and not wanting to think further…

“He is great… Just the man I always hoped to be with…” Your girlfriends tickle you with their jovial giggles. You look at him fondly over the shimmering drink in the glass. He is better than Prince Charming, the man you always wished for… Wait a second, you have not told your parents about him, neither your sister whom you endear so much. They love you a lot and have danced to your whims often, but this time the task of convincing them seems tougher. See, he is neither from the same state nor from the same caste! Oh, But you love him! Worrying about future, you are startled to see the sky becoming clouded…

You are in a relationship, one you really want to take forward. Yet you worry, question yourself, and fuss about various possibilities of which none can be sure about. It can be that your family has not been informed, or that your friends are breaking up more often and sooner than you could imagine. Worry and fear consume you, and you wonder whether your step will falter. The unknown future frightens you and you surely do not want to have realizations that may hurt you.

Why would all these scare us if you we are so sure that he/she is the one? Why do these thoughts annoy us, if you know the other so well?

We all question, doubt and worry about many things when we are in a relationship. These are questions for which we may not find answers at the moment. For a relationship to work out and get accepted by significant others, you need to clear your doubts and be acceptant of the answers/solutions which may evolve in time. Enjoying the present lovely moments together can build a relationship strong and firm. Knowing each other’s needs and reciprocating to it can evoke mutual understanding. To express your thoughts and feeling to each other, you need to be honest with yourself. A plant grows healthily when it draws water and nutrients efficiently from the soil, with sufficient sunlight and air around it. Let your relationship have a nourishing soil of mutual love and trust. Let the air be interdependence and freedom. The joyous sunlight each day may be your incessant expression of love to each other. The clarity in communication can guide your growth together as two individuals who sustain and support each other. With mutual effort, a single mind and heart will evolve in time, integral to your existence.

Each relationship is different and unique just as each person is different. Be your partner similar or different from you, your bond can become stronger and your love for each other boundless, only if you really and truly want the other person to be yours. To own a person you love is not to be possessive but to let them be their own, motivated by your love and devotion for them.

So is he/she truly the one you want, can she/he ever be completely yours, really the one for you? You have the answer, may be not at the moment! If and when you know the other completely, and you are aware of your true feelings and intentions, you will know what to tell others, you will be able to tell all how you feel about each other, and finally will be able to make decisions that will bring and keep you together. Enjoy the present moments together, explore each other’s personal worlds, and preserve your love kindled in the purest spirit of a relationship, finally conjuring a reality of your dearest dreams.

When you know yourself, you know the other, for the other is the mirror of your actions and reactions. When questions arise and things are ambiguous, look deep within, clear will be the vision! May the heavens be yours!