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About Cassandra Sundaraja

Cassandra has completed her Masters in Psychology (Clinical) from Christ University, Bangalore, and was working as a Consultant Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Guest Lecturer. She has completed M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). Her areas of interest include developmental psychology and social psychology, while specific research interests include parenthood, cultural changes and its impact on family life, marital relationships, empathy (or the lack of it), the origins of violence and aggression, child sexual abuse, criminal behaviour, etc. In the past she was a freelance journalist for a nation-wide newspaper and also used to volunteer for a centre for the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse.

Forgiveness: Bitter Sweet Medicine

When I was dealing with my first marital infidelity case for therapy, the idea of forgiveness stuck out like a sore thumb – so crucial, yet ever so difficult. Since then, I have found this process of forgiveness to play a large role in my work with clients, and hence this blog. The notion of [...]

Perfectionism… Just Out of Reach!

There’s quite a thin and rather blurred line between “wanting to do something well” and “wanting to do something perfectly”. It’s interesting how much value society places on perfectionism – the perfect husband, he perfect wife, the perfect child, the perfect family the perfect student, the perfect teacher and so on. While it’s all well [...]

Loving Life

Do the numerous incidents of violence and aggression that scream for attention, make you stop to think about the value of life? Have we become so familiar with the loss of life that we fail to appreciate its beauty and vitality? There may be moments in this fast-paced materialistic world, where we feel insignificant, unloved, [...]