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Anoop Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of Mind Vidya, a Consultant Psychologist and Psychotherapist, who has completed his Masters in Psychology (Clinical) from Christ University. His major areas of interest include martial arts and Eastern meditative practices, consciousness, psychological interventions based on movement-based practices, human evolution and parapsychological phenomena. Anoop has conducted research in the field of healing and well-being and has published psychological articles in international magazines. Professionally, he practises an integrated psychotherapy approach, combining elements of Eastern philosophy with established western methods of therapy and counselling, drawing from both ancient and modern ideologies and research.

From Red to Blue, the Journey That Changed me

The mirror gawked at me as though I am an undesirable being; everyone did, I was often made fun of for my appearance and inefficiency. I regularly felt so lost and stupid, and spent time depressed and isolated. Being the only child is not easy and worse when they expect so much from you. Blamed [...]