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Arun is a Consultant Psychologist and Counsellor by profession, and is a registered member of British Psychological Society. He has worked in a variety of settings, including corporate, hospital as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO), and his experience covers assisting individuals suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer, depression, bipolar disorder and personality disorders, to name a few. His approach to psychotherapy integrates principles and practices of Solution-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioural, Client-Centred and Cognitive Analytical therapies, as well as Psychodrama. As an individual, Arun is passionate about music, dance and drama, and is actively involved in theatre. This had led him to script, act and direct several plays and mimes, that aim to create awareness and change in society.

Sometimes all you gotta do is say

I often think that we have the most amazing ability of expression, of letting people around us know how we feel about them, how we value their presence. Do we always realize that? Or does time slip out of our hands and it remains unexpressed love, unshared pain, and an untold story as the other person may, in the end, [...]

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