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Anoop Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of Mind Vidya, a Consultant Psychologist and Psychotherapist, who has completed his Masters in Psychology (Clinical) from Christ University. His major areas of interest include martial arts and Eastern meditative practices, consciousness, psychological interventions based on movement-based practices, human evolution and parapsychological phenomena. Anoop has conducted research in the field of healing and well-being and has published psychological articles in international magazines. Professionally, he practises an integrated psychotherapy approach, combining elements of Eastern philosophy with established western methods of therapy and counselling, drawing from both ancient and modern ideologies and research.

My First White Hair and the Wisdom I Plucked

Looking at the silvery white hair stirred mixed emotions in me. It fuelled all the conflicts I am going through as a growing adult and the answers seem yet so far away. The meaning of life is not a random rain drop that gets us excited, neither it is a beautiful glance you receive in [...]

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Behind Every Miracle There is a Process

What do you do when you are disheartened and desperate? At a time when you are in an obsolete state, all your efforts coming to a halt, a sense of being lost in the hither and thither of time, what you do? A state when all seem to be away and dreams high in the [...]

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From Red to Blue, the Journey That Changed me

The mirror gawked at me as though I am an undesirable being; everyone did, I was often made fun of for my appearance and inefficiency. I regularly felt so lost and stupid, and spent time depressed and isolated. Being the only child is not easy and worse when they expect so much from you. Blamed [...]

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The Hill and the Concrete Stairs

I climbed up the stairs. Well, I have been climbing for a long time now. Still, the top was not seen. I was tired, moody and desperate. They call it the stairs to success and happiness. I read many books, articles and listened to great people talking about life and its intricacies. I was inspired, [...]

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When Hunger Strikes, You Hunt Better

Darkness can be befriended, light could be hated! When you are alone and desperate, you may find yourself cornered to your sorrows, wanting no more to thrive upon anything. Life becomes a boring schedule and happy moments bygone. Lethargy consumes your veins and there is nothing your heart beats for; tough it is to be [...]

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