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Behind Every Miracle There is a Process

What do you do when you are disheartened and desperate? At a time when you are in an obsolete state, all your efforts coming to a halt, a sense of being lost in the hither and thither of time, what you do? A state when all seem to be away and dreams high in the [...]

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Loving Life

Do the numerous incidents of violence and aggression that scream for attention, make you stop to think about the value of life? Have we become so familiar with the loss of life that we fail to appreciate its beauty and vitality? There may be moments in this fast-paced materialistic world, where we feel insignificant, unloved, [...]

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Sometimes all you gotta do is say

I often think that we have the most amazing ability of expression, of letting people around us know how we feel about them, how we value their presence. Do we always realize that? Or does time slip out of our hands and it remains unexpressed love, unshared pain, and an untold story as the other person may, in the end, [...]

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Why do Romantic Relationships end?

“I think a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” – Woody Allen How true! Have you ever wondered why is it that today, romantic relationships seem to be formed and broken at almost the same speed? While conducting a research in college a few years ago, I [...]

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From Red to Blue, the Journey That Changed me

The mirror gawked at me as though I am an undesirable being; everyone did, I was often made fun of for my appearance and inefficiency. I regularly felt so lost and stupid, and spent time depressed and isolated. Being the only child is not easy and worse when they expect so much from you. Blamed [...]

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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

I have heard this question put forth to me too many times to ignore it - which is better - love marriage or an arranged marriage? Well, to all of you out there who wonder, here is something for you... At the onset, I believe that the term ‘love marriage’ is a misnomer – is [...]

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The Hill and the Concrete Stairs

I climbed up the stairs. Well, I have been climbing for a long time now. Still, the top was not seen. I was tired, moody and desperate. They call it the stairs to success and happiness. I read many books, articles and listened to great people talking about life and its intricacies. I was inspired, [...]

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Is Marriage for me?

The sacred institution of marriage that has governed and influenced our lives for centuries, now has begun to be questioned and is perhaps losing the respect it was once held. Recently a young man in his early thirties was explaining to me why exactly marriage was not his cup of tea. ‘I have seen several [...]

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When Hunger Strikes, You Hunt Better

Darkness can be befriended, light could be hated! When you are alone and desperate, you may find yourself cornered to your sorrows, wanting no more to thrive upon anything. Life becomes a boring schedule and happy moments bygone. Lethargy consumes your veins and there is nothing your heart beats for; tough it is to be [...]

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Managing the little red demon within

Something has snapped! Your blood pressure increases dramatically and your breathing becomes rapid. For a few moments it feels that all logic and reasoning is lost on your brain as you fight to gain control. Your eyes widen and your nose flares. All this happens in a fraction of a second and before you gain [...]

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